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Take the hard yakka out of health and safety, with simple digital tools and expert advice when you need it.

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Connect HazardCo and FieldPulse to bring WHS and job management together. Complete a SWMS in HazardCo using the guided prompts and templates, save it, and it will be stored against the job in FieldPulse. All your documents will be in one place, organised and easy to find.
HazardCo members get 10% off FieldPulse monthly plans or 20% off annual plans.

Our world is digitally evolving. That means mountains of paperwork won’t keep the person at the top of the ladder safe, that’s why HazardCo developed a way for you to digitally complete your health and safety - It’s what you need, when you need it...all from your back pocket! Their simple to use App cuts out all the time-consuming parts of health and safety and improves worker engagement by allowing your trades to get back to what they do best...build - ultimately creating a safer and more productive worksite. It’s a win-win!

Get your FieldPulse & HazardCo Integrated

  1. Create a HazardCo Account if you have not already [Company settings> Features and Plugins> HazardCo> SignUp]

  2. Log into Your HazardCo Webapp> Navigate to Integrations> Toggle on FieldPulse> Enabled> Log In> CONNECTED!

Utilising the Integration!

How can we reach you?


We’re available Monday-Friday 8:00am -6:00pm CST

US Customer Success Team Phone: 469-382-5668


We’re available Monday-Friday 8:00am -5:00pm AEST

AUS Customer Success Team Phone: +61 3 9917 5448

NZ Customer Success Team Phone: +64 9 801 0275

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