Inventory Permissions
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FieldPulse allows you to customize and adjust inventory permissions for each user. This feature is valuable for teams that work out of multiple inventory locations such as vans or warehouses. For example, a technician might have parts on-hand but need to view inventory for another part which could only be available elsewhere.

Adjusting Inventory Permissions

Navigate to Company Settings, then select User Accounts. Select a user, then click Edit.

Click on User Accounts

Scroll down and select Feature Permissions, then toggle on Ability to View Item List.

Click on User Feature Permissions…

Toggling on Ability to View Item List will reveal additional Inventory Permissions. From here you can select which inventory hubs a user can have access to.

There are two permission options: Full Adjustment and View Access. If a user has Full Adjustment, they can view and adjust inventory quantities. If a user has View Access, they will be able to view inventory but not adjust quantities.


These images display a user with Full Adjustment for Hub 1 and View Access for Hub 22.

Video Tutorial

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