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Dynamic Job Reports
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Utilize the data from your job records to generate a dynamic report and/or PDF! Create an individual job report or combine multiple jobs into a single, professional summary. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of job details and ensure you showcase what's relevant to your customer while hiding unnecessary information with customizable display options.

Creating a Dynamic Job Report

Begin by navigating to the job record for which you'd like to create a dynamic job report, select Actions then Generate Report.

Click on Actions

You can now view the preview of your report as a Dynamic URL or PDF by selecting your preference the top of the screen. Additionally, use the display settings on the right-side menu to ensure you showcase relevant information while hiding unnecessary details. Select/deselect details such as job summary, notes, details, and photos to customize your report.

Click on Dynamic URL…

When your report is ready, select Send to Customer.

Click on Send To Customer

You can now customize who the email is sent to, as well as the subject and body. Attach any pertinent files, and select to include the Dynamic Report, PDF Report, and/or Signature Request.

Click on Include Dynamic Report…

Dynamic Job Report with Signature Request Example:

Creating a Multi-Job Report

To create a report for multiple jobs, begin by navigating to the customer record associated with those jobs. Select Jobs from the top menu, then click the checkbox icon.

Click on highlight

You can now click to select the various job records you'd like to be included in this report. When you are ready to generate the report, select the clipboard icon.

Click on highlight

You will now follow the same process of customizing your display options before sending the report to your customer. Here is an example of what your multi-asset report may look like:

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