Creating Custom Estimate and Invoice Themes
Learn how to use dynamic preview for estimates and invoices
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When preparing an estimate or invoice for a customer, you can use our dynamic preview feature to adjust how the estimate or invoice will display for the customer.

In this article we'll use an invoice as the example, but the functionality is the same when creating and sending an estimate.

Creating Custom Estimate and Invoice Themes

Once you have an invoice that is ready to send to a customer, click the 'Preview' button on the invoice record:

On the next page you'll see a variety of options for how the preview of the invoice will display. You can preview how it will look for a customer on their phone, tablet, laptop or just as a PDF by clicking one of these view buttons:

Next you can adjust the theme of the invoice to modify the colors. You can select one of our default color schemes from the dropdown or create your own custom theme by clicking 'Edit'. Once you create your own theme, it will be available for selection in the dropdown. You can also make it your default so it applies to every invoice:

When you click edit on the theme, you will be taken to this list of saved themes, where you can see our default themes and your saved custom themes. The default themes cannot be edited. To edit an existing custom theme, click this button:

You'll be able to save the name of the theme and adjust all of the colors used on the invoice to create a document that is branded for your business and unique:

Once you're finished editing your color theme, click 'Save theme':

Back on the dynamic preview page, you will see a long list of toggles on the right hand side which you can scroll through. Each of these will hide or display information on the invoice as desired. The settings you pick for this invoice will apply only to it, they will not be saved as system-wide defaults. You can set the system-wide defaults for each of these settings on this page.

Scrolling to the bottom of those toggles, you will see options to attach a contract to the invoice, if you need the customer to sign off on it. You can choose your contract and number of signature lines here. You will also have an opportunity to attach a contract in the 'email to customer' dialog if you forget at this step. You can also add a custom invoice title:

Before sending the invoice, you can decide how much of the invoice total you are billing for. By default this will be the remaining balance of the invoice - the full amount if no payment has been applied to it yet. You can click this dropdown to choose a different amount to bill:

Here we have selected 'Percentage of total' from the amount due dropdown. This will let us collect a certain percentage of the invoice, helpful for taking deposits or doing progress billing.

Finally, when the invoice looks exactly how you want it to, click 'Email to Customer' to send it to the customer, or click 'More actions' to save the PDF, share a live URL link to the invoice (instead of a PDF) or store this invoice PDF in the invoice record:

That's it! You just learned how to customize your estimates and invoices using the Dynamic Preview feature in FieldPulse. If you need any help please email us at or live chat with us using the blue button in the bottom right corner.

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