Automatic Commission Calculations
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Commissions can be tracked and automatically calculated on estimates and invoices. You can choose whether to calculate the commission using a percentage of gross sales, percentage of gross margin, or as a flat rate.

Enabling Commission Calculations

To enable commission calculations, navigate to Company Settings in the left-side menu and click Estimates & Invoices. Then click Advanced in the sub header. On the Advanced Invoice Settings page, toggle Enable Commission Calculations on.

Once this is turned on, new estimates/invoices will automatically calculate commissions based on the default settings.

Click on Enable Commission Calculations Yes

You will then set the default commission calculation method, either as a percentage of gross sales, a percentage of gross margin, or a flat rate. You will then set the Default Commission Rate. When you've set up the commission structure, click Save.

Click on Default Commission Rate

Viewing Commission Calculations

Now that you have a default commission setup, navigate to an estimate/invoice and click on Cost Basis in the header. On this page you can see the automatically calculated commission and click Edit Commission if you want to change the commission amount.

Click on Cost Basis

User Commission Rates

You can also set commission rates for each of your team members in FieldPulse. Begin by navigating to Company Settings, then select User Accounts. Select the user for whom you'd like to add/adjust a commission rate.

Click on FT…

Select Edit.

Click on mode_edit Edit

Scroll down and add/adjust the commission rate. Press Save after making changes.

Click on Commission Rate

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