Generating a Work Order
Learn how to generate a work order from the estimate or invoice you've already created.
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If you've created an estimate or invoice for a job, you may want to also generate a work order for your team to follow. This will look similar to the estimate or invoice and include the scope of work but exclude any pricing. 

In order to generate a work order, you must first create an estimate or invoice. Once you have created that, go to the estimate or invoice record and the green 'Actions' button at the top right.

In the dropdown menu, select 'Generate Work Order PDF'

You'll see a preview of the PDF work order. You can see the line items and quantity, but no pricing. On this preview page, you have 2 options:

  • Attach to New Job

  • Attach to Invoice

If you select 'Attach to New Job' it will pop up a window to create a new job related to this work order. This is helpful if you've generate an estimate or invoice for a customer but have not yet created a job record. 

If you select 'Attach to Invoice', it will open the work order PDF and give you two options:

  • Email to Customer

  • Download

If you select 'Email to Customer' you can also change the 'To' address and send it to a team member. If you download the work order you can send it through your own email client or print it off.

That's it! You just learned how to generate a work order PDF from an existing estimate or invoice. If you need any help please email us at or live chat with us using the blue button in the bottom right corner.

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