Setting Up Recurring Jobs
Learn how to create recurring jobs - save time when you have multiple visits to one customer
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With our recurring jobs feature, you can create a job once, and then set it to re-occur on a regular basis - at an interval you choose. You can choose to make any new job a recurring job. One way to set up a new job is from the 'jobs page'.

Navigate to the 'Jobs' page, then the 'Recurring Jobs' tab, then click the green 'Create Recurring Job' button.

First, start typing the name of your customer, you will see them come up in the list. If this is a new customer, click 'Create New Customer' and after adding their information click 'Add Customer'. Next enter the job title.

The 'Frequency' dropdown lets you select the interval at which this job recurs. Select 'Custom' to set your own intervals.

Set a first occurrence and start time for this job. If you want this recurring job to have no end point and repeat ongoing, select 'No End Date'. Otherwise, set the date and time of the last occurrence.

Next, select team members to assign to the job (which can be changed for future occurrences) and add job tags and notes as needed. You can learn more about job tags here.

Then, click 'Submit'.

You'll be taken to your list of recurring jobs (including the one you just made). If you click on one of the records, you'll see the basic job information as well as links to two pages: 'Occurrences' and 'Calendar'.

On the 'Occurrences' page you can see each occurrence of the job as they are scheduled.

On the 'Calendar' page you can see each occurrence in a calendar view. 

That's it! You just scheduled a recurring job! If you need any help please email us at or live chat with us using the blue button in the bottom right corner.

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