Tracking the Customer Lifecycle

Learn about the different Customer Statuses in FieldPulse to better manage your customer lifecycle

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FieldPulse offers a simple method of tracking the lifecycle of a customer as they move through the different stages from 'lead,' 'opportunity,' 'current customer,' 'lost customer,' or 'other.' A single field on the customer profile called 'Account Status' indicates the current state of the customer. 


'Lead' indicates a potential customer that has shown some interest in your services. If you've received an inquiry or call from a potential customer, they would fall into the category of a lead.


'Opportunity' indicates a potential customer that you believe has a good chance of purchasing your service. This customer would be a step beyond a lead in the buyer journey and may be close to a sale. This could be someone you've given an estimate.

Current Customer

'Current Customer' would indicate someone who has purchased your services. When creating a new customer profile, all customers default to 'Current Customers'.


'Lost' indicates someone who has gone through the sales process with you as a lead or opportunity but did not purchase your services. This could be someone who you've given an estimate who didn't purchase. Tracking and re-marketing to lost customers can help you build your business in the future. 


'Other' is an option for an account that doesn't fit into the categories and for you to denote as you wish. Some users choose to also store partners and vendors in their FieldPulse CRM, which could fall under 'Other.'

Note: All new customers default to 'Current Customers'.

Setting Account Status on the Customer Profile

In the customer profile window, 'Account Status' can be set at the top of the form.

Segmenting Your Customer List By Account Status

On the 'Customers' page, you can segment your customer list by account status. For example, if you want to see all customers that are in the Current Customers stage, open the Customers page, click the By Status tab, and then select the Current Customers subheading. This will display all customers that are marked with the Current Customers account status.

You can search your customer list and filter it using the search bar and the dropdown on the right hand side. 

Changing a Customer's Account Status 

As a customer progresses through the lifecycle, you will want to update their account status to reflect each new stage. To update a customer's account status, go to the Customers page and click on their name.

On the Customer Record, click Edit.

A window will pop up where you can change the Account Status of the customer. Click on 'Status' and you can choose what to change the status to, then hit Save. 

The Customer Record will be updated with the new information.

Congratulations! You just learned how to track your customer lifecycle in FieldPulse and view your customer lists segmented by status. If you need any help please email us at or live chat with us using the blue button in the bottom right corner.

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