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Multi-Location & Multi-Contact Customers
Multi-Location & Multi-Contact Customers
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For some customer records, you may need to add additional contacts and/or additional locations under the same record. To do so, begin by creating a new customer record or editing an existing one.

Adding Additional Contacts

After entering the Primary Contact details, select Additional Contact.

Click on Additional Contact

Enter the details for the additional contact and press Save New Contact.

Click on Save New Contact

Adding Additional Locations

To add an additional location, enter the Primary Address, then select Additional Location. Enter the details for the additional location and press Save New Location.

Click on Additional Location

Connecting Locations & Contacts

If you'd like to attach a contact to the additional location, search and select the contact in the Related Contacts field.

Click on Secondary Contact

You can now select which contact should be primarily attached to this address by clicking on the star icon. Remove contacts from this location by selecting the trashcan icon. After making changes, press Save New Location.

Click on Save New Location

Multi-Location & Multi-Contact on Job Records

If you want to change the location on a job record, click on the Location field and select the applicable address. If you have a contact connected to this address, the Contact field will automatically change as well.

For example, when selecting the Travis Street address, the contact changes from Field Pulse to Secondary Contact because we set Secondary Contact as the related contact for this address in the customer record.

Click on Location

Video Tutorial

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