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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
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Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides an added layer of security by requiring two forms of identification to access FieldPulse.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

Contact us using the chat feature in the bottom right corner of your screen to enable two-factor authentication for your FieldPulse account.

Once enabled, navigate to Company Settings, then select User Accounts. Select the Two-Factor Authentication tab, then toggle on 2FA.

You'll then need to specify how many days go by before automatically logging users out and having them go through 2FA again in the Require Users to Login Using 2FA Every field.

After 2FA is enabled and you press Save, you will be logged out. When logging back in, you will be required to set up 2FA with the Google Authenticator app.

Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication

When a user logs in for the first time after two-factor authentication is turned on, a message with instructions on how to setup 2FA via Google Authenticator will appear. (Note: Each of your team members will be required to go through this same process.)

Scan the QR code and follow the prompts or download the Google Authenticator app and type in the code.

After setting up Google Authenticator, you will then enter the provided 6 digit code to login to FieldPulse.

Lastly, FieldPulse will prompt you to download a file of recovery codes in case you lose your device.

Using Two-Factor Authentication

If you have already connected FieldPulse to Google Authenticator, simply use the authenticator app to enter the 6-digit code and login to FieldPulse.

After 3 unsuccessful login attempts, you will be prompted to enter a recovery code from the file of recovery codes provided to you when first setting up two-factor authentication. If you no longer have your recovery codes, contact an administrator on your account to reset your two-factor authentication.

Resetting Two-Factor Authentication

If a team member has lost access to their device with the authenticator app, they should use their recovery codes. If these codes are lost, administrators can either reset a user’s 2FA or access and send them their recovery codes. Navigate to Company Settings, then select User Accounts. Click on the user that you'd like to reset, then click Edit. Scroll down to 2FA Recovery Codes or Reset 2FA.

Selecting either option will require you enter your own password for security purposes. Resetting a user's 2FA will invalidate any of their old recovery codes and require them to set up 2FA again.


  • Can you require 2FA for specific users? No, if turned on it will be required for all users in an account.

  • Can you require users to use 2FA every single time they log in? Yes, when setting up 2FA select Every Day.

  • I lost my device that had the Google Authenticator app and can’t log in, now what? If your device is lost, use your recovery codes. Each can only be used once.

  • I don’t have my recovery codes, now what? If you don’t have access to the Authenticator app and have lost your recovery codes, you will have to contact your FieldPulse admin who can then access your recovery codes. If those codes have all been used, the admin can manually reset your 2FA profile from settings. After you’ve logged in using a recovery code, you will be prompted to set up 2FA again for this user.

  • Can I use any Authenticator app? There are several free authenticator apps, but we recommend using Google Authenticator.

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