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Customer Arrival Window
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Let your customers know when to expect you! You can set a Customer Arrival Window date/time on jobs. This can be used in customer communication templates to send a different time window to the customer than what you store on the job for internal use.

Enabling Customer Arrival Window

Begin by navigating to Company Settings, then select Jobs. Scroll down and toggle on Default Customer Arrival Window.

Click on Jobs

To adjust which user roles can view the customer arrival window, use the Customer Arrival Window Visibility dropdown.

Click on Admin…

You can also create a standard customer arrival window by creating a buffer period before and after the job start time. This can always be changed on individual job records.

Click on Buffer Before Job Start Time

Customer Arrival Window & Customer Communications

When creating a customer communication email or SMS template, you can input a variety of field values. The customer arrival window start date, start time, end date, and end time are all field values that can be included in your customer communication templates. Simply select Insert Field Value and select the customer arrival window component you'd like to include. To learn more about Customer Communications, click here.

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