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The communications tab allows you to oversee all communications sent from your team, as well as to sort them by record type and view the status of each communication.

To access communications, navigate to Management in the left-side menu, then click Communications.

Click on Communications

You can view all communications, or sort them by related record type using the tabs at the top of the screen.

Click on All…

You can also view details about each communication, including:

  • User who sent the communication

  • Sent date and time

  • Status

  • Customer

  • Related record

  • Full message

Click on  Customer Communication email sent to Test Customer ¬ 1:44 pm on May 24, 2024…

Check out this table to learn more about the various communication statuses:




The message has been successfully delivered to your customer.


Your customer has clicked on a link in your message.


Your customer has opened your message.


The message has not reached your customer. The reasons may include that the email address does not exist, or that your customer has previously reported your emails as spam.

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