Creating a New Job
This guide will teach you how to create a new job in FieldPulse.
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Administrators and Managers can create job records for customers and assign them to team members. Job records can be created in different ways, but the simplest is using the ‘Create Job’ button in the upper right corner while on the ‘Team Schedule’ page. We’ll walk you through creating a job record.

1) Got to 'Schedule' then click the ‘Create Job’ button in the upper right hand corner.

2) Select the customer for the job by clicking in the ‘Customer Name’ field and selecting the customer from the list.

If your customer is already in the system, click 'Add Customer' from the list of saved customer profiles. If the customer does not yet exist in the system, click the ‘Create New Customer’ button to create a new customer profile.

3) Enter a title for the job that describes the work to be performed.

If you previously created Job Templates, you can quickly insert them by clicking the name in the list that populates below the job title field. You can search for saved job templates in the Job title field as well by beginning to type the name. Learn more about Job Templates here.

4) Click the ‘Start Date/Start Time’ and ‘End Date/End Time’ to schedule the job.

To find open availability in your team members’ schedules, click ‘Find Availability’ to open a gantt chart view of your schedule.

FieldPulse is also a conflict checker that will notify you of a scheduling conflict when you select the team or team member.

Add further site visits click 'site visits' and schedule in a day/time and team member

5) Select the team members field to assign team members to the job.

All teams that you are manager of will display in the team member selector. You can select any combination of team members from any team, including multiple teams at the same time.

Once you've selected team member(s), a checkmark will appear beside their name. Then click 'Save' to add them to the job.

6) Add Job Tags if needed

You can use job tags to organize your jobs and color code them to make the schedule easier to read at a glance. To add a job tag, scroll down to where it says 'Add Tags' and click in the field. You can use this field to search for existing tags or create a new one. Learn more about job tags here.

7) Enter any notes relevant to the job in the ‘Notes’ field or 'Field Notes . You can also attach files on the right hand side as well. Then click 'Save Job' to save the job record.

Please note only the admin/manager user can add/edit 'Notes' on a job record which would usually contain any important job information such as the scope of work.

The 'Field Notes' can be added by the Field tech/Service agent while they are working on the job.

Upon saving and submitting the job record, the assigned team members will automatically receive a notification of their newly assigned work and it will be available to them in their calendars.

The newly created job will look like this:

Congratulations! You've just created a new job record.


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