Now that you've setup your company settings and enabled the features and plugins, it's now time to learn how to manage your customers in FieldPulse!

FieldPulse offers a robust Customer Relationship Management system that makes storing and finding related customer information easy. You can create and edit customer profiles to store detailed customer information, notes, and related records such as jobs, estimates, invoices, files, assets, maintenance agreements and more.

Add Your Customers to FieldPulse

  1. Add Customers One-by-One

  2. Import an Existing Customer List

  3. Importing Customers from the Quickbooks Online Sync

Adding Customers One-By-One

To start adding customers, click on the 'Customers' page in the left menu. On the customers page, click 'Add Customer.'

You’ll enter their basic information, including their name, address, email and phone number. You can also add notes to the customer’s file or tag them to keep your customer list organized. Once you have entered their full information, click ‘Save’.

Detailed guide on adding a customer profile can be found here.

Importing an Existing Customer List

If you have a large customer list and want to import all of your customers at once, you can do that through our Mass Customer Import Excel template. Navigate to the Administration section and click on ‘Customers’. Then click ‘Import Customers.'

On this page you will follow the on-screen steps to download our ‘Customer Import Template’ which is the spreadsheet you must use to import your existing customer information. Once your information has been loaded into our spreadsheet and you've followed the format specified in the sheet, you can upload the sheet back into the system. You’ll see a confirmation if your customers are loaded successfully.

Some common issues we see when importing customers:

  • Blank rows in the spreadsheet

    • This will cause the customer list to upload only to that point, a blank row tells our system to stop uploading. So make sure you have no blank rows.

  • Multiple entries in one cell

    • Make sure you only have one piece of information per cell. For example, in the Phone Number cell, there should only be one phone number.

  • Extra spaces in one cell

    • To avoid extra spaces within a cell, depending on your program (excel or google documents), many spreadsheet programs have a ‘Trim Spaces’ tool you can apply to remove those extra spaces.

If you run into any questions or issues with formatting your customer list to work in our spreadsheet, or want us to take a look at it for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success Team! We are here to help you!

Importing Customers from Quickbooks Online

Please refer to our guide on Quickbooks Online Integration for more information on the sync. Once your Quickbooks Online account is synced with FieldPulse, your current customer list in Quickbooks will appear in FieldPulse.

Once your customers have been added to FieldPulse, we have an entire section in our Help Center dedicated to Customer Management that you and your team can reference. Those articles can be found here.


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