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This guide will teach you how to create and add team members to your account.
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User Accounts

User Accounts created by the company admin are required in order to login and use FieldPulse. 

Only the company administrators have the ability to create new user accounts for the company. 

User accounts use the individual’s email address as their login ID, and a password can either be created by the admin or created by the user after creation. Each user needs a unique name, email, and password.

Each user account requires a designated role, which include Administrator, Team Manager and Service Agent. The different roles provide different levels of access to the application and company data.

Creating User Accounts

By default, your primary account that created the company is Administrator role that is assigned as both a Team Manager and Team Member of the team called ‘Default Team.’

1) Company Settings → User Accounts → Users → Create New

2) Fill out the Basic Information fields of the new user account

The red asterisk * designates a required field. Leaving the ‘Set Password’ field blank will automatically send a password reset request for the new user to their email address.

  • First Name, Last Name and Unique Email are required fields

  • Notes can include any details you'd like to include on this user. This could include availability, restrictions, license numbers, expiration dates, etc.

  • Hourly Billing Rate= How much does your company charge your customer when this technician is working on the job.

  • Hourly Cost Rate= How much does this technician cost your company.

  • Hourly Billing Rate= How much does your company charge your customer when this technician is working on the job.

    • To learn more about Hourly Billing Rate and Hourly Cost Rate click here.

  • User Roles + Permission Settings

    • Team Manager (can enable as an Admin)

    • Service Tech

    • Assignment Role

4) Open the ‘Role’ selector field and select the role for this new user

In this example, we’ll be selecting the ‘Service Agent’ role.

5) Select which teams the user should be designated team (if applicable).

5) You can also use the 'User Feature Permissions' button to further breakdown which individuals under a certain role (Service Agent/Manager) can see/edit/do.

6) Once the new user account is ready, click ‘Save’ to save the new account and an automatic ‘Welcome Email’ will be sent to the email address for this new user to log into their account.

That's it! The new team member can now access FieldPulse and you can begin assigning them jobs. If you need any help please email us at or live chat with us using the blue button in the bottom right corner.

How can we reach you?

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US Customer Success Team Phone: 469-382-5668

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