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Adding Labor to Estimates & Invoices
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Before you get started, be sure that your team members have Hourly Billing Rate and Hourly Cost Rate set up in Company Settings. As a reminder, Hourly Billing Rate is the rate you charge your customers per hour for a technician, whereas Hourly Cost Rate is the rate per hour that this technician costs your business. To learn more, click here.

Click on Hourly Billing Rate

Using Job Timesheets, your team member will record the time spent on the job by clocking in and out. After the job has been completed, you can now create your invoice and insert the associated timesheets.

Click on Timesheets

Create an invoice and link the job, or select Actions on the Job Record then click Create Invoice.

Click on Actions
Click on Create Invoice

When you're ready to add your timesheets, select Add Item and add your Labor line item.

Click on Labor and Overhead

Click the arrow/box icon in the quantity field. You can now select how the quantity of this line item is measured. To base the labor time on your timesheets, select Total Job Timesheets Clocked. You can then specify whether to include the hourly cost rate and/or the hourly billing rate on your invoice record. Remember that your customer won't see the hourly cost rate.

Once you've made your selections, click Insert Quantity, then add the item to your invoice.

Click on Insert Quantity

You'll notice the Unit Price will reflect the Hourly Billing Rate (ex. $80 per hour) of the technician that worked the job and the Quantity (ex. 2 hours) will pull directly from the total clocked in hours on the job in order to automatically apply the proper price (ex. $160).

Click on Title…

Video Tutorial

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