Now that your company settings are set up, it's time to take a deep dive into all the resources available for your business!

You can enhance your FieldPulse experience and give your business a boost by using our Features and Plugins. To visit the Features and Plugins page, click here

Note: The great thing about FieldPulse is we are CONSTANTLY improving and enhancing our product. We've added a few features since we've created this tutorial video.

On this page, we have three types of additional features. Those built into FieldPulse, those offered by our preferred partners, and our integrations with 3rd party software. 

Built into FieldPulse

These plugins are built into FieldPulse. Simply click the green 'Enable' button to turn on the feature you want to add. Or click the red disable button to turn it off. For some of the plugins there is a button to 'Learn more' about the particular plugin and for others there is a 'Settings' button to adjust how the feature works in your system. The plugins built into FieldPulse are:

Employee Timesheets

Allows your team members to clock in and out for the day, or for particular jobs. Geo-tag's the team member's location when they clock in or out and allows you to keep track of the hours they work on each job. Learn more about timesheets here

Customer Communications

Send emails and text messages to your customers using pre-written templates that you set up. You can personalize these messages with information from the job and customer record, such as customer name, job location and so on. Learn more about customer communications here.

Project Management

Keep track of longer-term projects which may be comprised of several individual jobs. Track the percentage of completion, adjust the project timeline as you go, and invoice for individual jobs or the whole project. Learn more about projects here

Custom Forms

Create customized forms to capture important information on the job. Create inspection reports, maintenance reports or create a checklist for your team members to follow on-site. Learn more about custom forms here

FieldPulse Payments

Take credit card payments from customers directly in FieldPulse. Create invoices that can be paid online, take payment on-site directly from the FieldPulse mobile app or key in credit card information taken over the phone. All at industry-leading rates. Learn more about FieldPulse Payments here

Booking Portal

Allow your customers to submit requests and book appointments through your website. Learn more about Booking Portal here.

Purchase Orders

Order and track materials from your suppliers and link them to the jobs you are working on. Learn more about Purchase Orders here.

Customer Portal

Allow your customers to view their previous jobs, projects, estimates, invoices, and payments through this custom portal. Learn more about Customer Portal here.

Variant Proposal (Good, Better, Best)

Create good, better, best proposals (including photos) for your customers to weigh the options you offer. Learn more about Variant Proposal here.

Maintenance Agreements

Track and schedule your recurring maintenance agreements. Learn more about Maintenance Agreements here.


Track and manage both internal and customer assets. Learn more about Assets here.

Recurring Billing

Automatically generate and send invoices for your recurring jobs and maintenance agreements. Learn more about Recurring Billing here.

Custom Sales Pipeline

Create custom sales pipeline statuses and manage your customers through the process. Article coming soon.

Review Management

Get more reviews from customers and capture ratings and feedback on your team members (for free!). Article coming coon.

Add-on Features

Pulse Fleet Tracking

Track your vehicles with a simple plug and play device. Includes free $100 device with each vehicle subscription. Learn more about Fleet Tracking, click here.

Dynamic Proposal

Create detailed customer proposals with information pages, image galleries, multiple proposal options, contracts, and more. Learn more about Dynamic Proposal, click here.

FieldPulse Engage

FieldPulse Engage is the easiest way to seperate your team's personal and business communications. To learn more about Engage, click here.

FieldPulse Pricebook

Convert more customers to make higher margins with a custom pricebook tool. To learn more about Pricebook, click here.

PDF Form Filler

Create and fill out existing or custom built forms within FieldPulse. To learn more about PDF Filler, click here.

FieldPulse Preferred Partners

These integrations are partners that we've aligned with to provide value-added services to our users. They are the best at what they do, so we asked them to work with us to provide extra help with running your business. Our Preferred Partners are:

Wisetack Consumer Financing

Wisetack is our preferred consumer financing partner. Wisetack makes financing easy. The process is entirely hands-off for your business. There's no paperwork or calling required. And you collect payment as soon as the work is completed and straight to your bank account the next business day. The integration is built directly into FieldPulse's payment workflow and the "as low as" monthly price appears directly on estimates and invoices. To learn more, click here.

BlueVine Line of Credit

BlueVine Line of Credit is a line of credit designed for contractors that will allow you to borrow money quickly. Learn more about BlueVine Line of Credit here.

Trinity Home Warranty Offerings

Trinity Home Warranty offers warranties to your customers for their HVAC and plumbing projects. To learn more, click here.

ServiceRocket Pro

Email Marketing, Reputation Management, Custom Website, and more. To learn more, click here.

FieldPulse Integrations

We integrate with popular software seamlessly to save you time. These are 3rd party programs that work with FieldPulse. Our integrations include: 

Google Calendar

Sync your FieldPulse jobs straight to your Google Calendar. Learn more about our integration with Google Calendar here.

Square Payments

Accept credit card payments through Square and the payments will automatically be applied to your FieldPulse invoices. Although not as robust as using FieldPulse payments, this is a good option for taking credit cards if you already use Square. Learn more about our integration with Square here

NiceJob Review Management

NiceJob provides tools to ensure that your customers leave you with positive and plentiful reviews after you complete a job. More reviews means more credibility for your business, and more search engine visibility. Learn more about NiceJob here.

Quickbooks Online

Seamlessly sync your invoices, invoice items and customers from FieldPulse into Quickbooks Online. Everything is synced in real time as you work, so your bookkeeping is put on auto-pilot. Learn more about syncing with Quickbooks Online here.

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