You can enhance your FieldPulse experience and give your business a boost by using our Features and Plugins. To visit the Features and Plugins page, click here

On this page, we have three types of additional features. Those built into FieldPulse, those offered by our preferred partners, and integrations with 3rd party software. 

Built into FieldPulse

These plugins are built into FieldPulse. Simply click the green 'Enable' button to turn on the feature you want to add. Or click the red disable button to turn it off. For some of the plugins there is a button to 'Learn more' about the particular plugin and for others there is a 'Settings' button to adjust how the feature works in your system. The plugins built into FieldPulse are:

Employee Timesheets

Allows your team members to clock in and out for the day, or for particular jobs. Geo-tag's the team member's location when they clock in or out and allows you to keep track of the hours they work on each job. Learn more about timesheets here

Customer Communications

Send emails and text messages to your customers using pre-written templates that you set up. You can personalize these messages with information from the job and customer record, such as customer name, job location and so on. Learn more about customer communications here.

Project Management

Keep track of longer-term projects which may be comprised of several individual jobs. Track the percentage of completion, adjust the project timeline as you go, and invoice for individual jobs or the whole project. Learn more about projects here

Custom Forms

Create customized forms to capture important information on the job. Create inspection reports, maintenance reports or create a checklist for your team members to follow on-site. Learn more about custom forms here

FieldPulse Payments

Take credit card payments from customers directly in FieldPulse. Create invoices that can be paid online, take payment on-site directly from the FieldPulse mobile app or key in credit card information taken over the phone. All at industry-leading rates. Learn more about FieldPulse Payments here

FieldPulse Websites

Let us design and host your website. Get a website with clean, modern design, customized for your business. Your own domain and full hosting and maintenance included. Learn more about FieldPulse Websites here.

FieldPulse Preferred Partners

These integrations are partners that we've aligned with to provide value-added services to our users. They are the best at what they do, so we asked them to work with us to provide extra help running and promoting your business. Our Preferred Partners are:

NiceJob Review Management

NiceJob provides tools to ensure that your customers leave you with positive and plentiful reviews after you complete a job. More reviews means more credibility for your business, and more search engine visibility. Learn more about NiceJob here


TheHomeFixers is a lead generation service. You simply pay them for qualified leads - customers that are urgently looking for the service you provide. You'll reach out to the leads and take it from there. The leads are highly qualified and affordable. A great way to grow your business. Learn more about TheHomeFixers here

Ruby Receptionists

Ruby Receptionists provide a phone-answering service for your busy business. They answer calls immediately and route them to the appropriate team member, or simply take a message. This ensures your phone is always answered and you don't lose potential customers. Learn more about Ruby Receptionists here.

FieldPulse Integrations

We integrate with popular software seamlessly to save you time. These are 3rd party programs that work with FieldPulse. Our integrations include: 

Square Payments

Accept credit card payments through Square and the payments will automatically be applied to your FieldPulse invoices. Although not as robust as using FieldPulse payments, this is a good option for taking credit cards if you already use Square. Learn more about our integration with Square here

Quickbooks Online

Seamlessly sync your invoices, invoice items and customers from FieldPulse into Quickbooks Online. Everything is synced in real time as you work, so your bookkeeping is put on auto-pilot. Learn more about syncing with Quickbooks Online here.

That's it! You just learned about all of our Features and Plugins. For help with setting up these integrations, contact us at

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